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 V. Raspa, Lukasiewicz on the Principle of Contradiction

 O. LeBlanc, Lukasiewicz, Aristotle, and Contradiction

 A. Betti, Lukasiewicz and Lesniewski on Contradiction
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 R. Pouivet, "Lukasiewicz: de l'aristotélisme autrichien
à l'aristotélisme polonais"
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 A. Betti, The Incomplete Story of Lukasiewicz and Bivalence


R.Pouivet, préface a "Du principe de contradiction chez Aristote", Traduit du polonais par Dorota Sikora, Editions de l'éclat, Paris

A. Becchi, Logic and Determinism in Jan Lukasiewicz's philosophy

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Jan Lukasiewicz is known all over the world as the founder of the first non-classical logical calculus, the so-called trivalent or polivalent logic, and as one of the most prominent and significative logicians of this century. But he was also very active in historical research on logic, giving a new and up-to-date interpretation of Aristotle's syllogism and of the Stoics' propositional calculus. His activity is strictly connected to the school founded by Kazimierz Twardowski, whose first pupil he was in Lvov . Maybe less known, but very significant, was his philosophical reflection about science and the role that creativity plays in the invention of theories, regarding which he followed an anti-inductive attitude in many aspects similar to Popper's conceptions.


After reading Law at the University of Lvov , he directed his interest towards philosophy under the influence of the lectures of Twardowski, becoming the first of his numerous pupils and writing his doctorate thesis under Twardowski's guidance in 1902. After a few years in Berlin and Louvain, he returned to Lvov as a university lecturer in 1906, subsequently becoming a Professor in Logic and Philosophy. In Lvov he took an active part in the realisation of Twardowski's scientific-didactic project, holding the first Polish course of lectures in mathematical logic in 1907-1908. During the First World War, in 1915, he moved to Warsaw with Kotarbinski, where he was joined in 1919 by Lesniewski. Lukasiewicz occupied one of the two chairs of Philosophy at the new University of Warsaw, establishing fruitful relationships with the University's mathematicians and gathering round himself a group of young scholars, the most outstanding of whom was to be Alfred Tarski. At the end of the Second World War, in 1946, unable to accept the new political system set up in Poland after the Soviet occupation, he transferred to Dublin where he remained until his death.

 Main Works

  • Logika i metafizyka, Wydzial Filozofii i Socjologii Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego, Warsawa, 1998 (J. J. Jadacki ed.), including a precious collection of bio-bibliographical information, transcriptions of letters and an extended selection of photos;
  • Z zagadnien logiki i filozofii. Pisma wybrane, Warszawa, PWN, 1961 (J. Slupecki ed.)

  • O zasadzie sprzecznosci u Arystotelesa (On the Principle of Contradiction in Aristotle) (1910), PWN, Warszawa 1987. Germ. transl. Ueber den Satz des Widerspruchs bei Aristoteles, Olms, 1994 (J. Barski). Eng. transl. by Owen LeBlanc in progress.
  • Die logischen Grundlagen der Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung, Krakow, Wspolka Wydawnicza Polska, 1913
  • Elementy logiki matematycznej. Skrypt autoryzowany, Warszawa, 1929 (Elements of Mathematical Logic, Pergamon Press, Oxford 1966).
  • Aristotle's Syllogistic from the Standpoint of Modern Formal Logic , Clarendon Press, Oxford 1951. buy it

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