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General criteria

The general criteria to which the Polish Philosophy Page adheres are:

  1. The section headed The Main Polish Philosophers of this Century only comprises philosophers who are no longer living. Information about living Polish philosophers, possibly with their curricula and selected bibliography, can be inserted in the section devoted to Philosophical Schools and Trends (see for instance The Poznan School). We also plan to create an independent section devoted to living philosophers.
  2. The PPP section headed Books on Polish Philosophy only provides information about books on the history of Polish philosophy; passages from the introduction and the index will be posted online if complimentary copies of books in English or other major European languages are sent to the editor of the PPP. We will give information about other books in English not prevalently devoted to Polish philosophy only if they contain articles on this topic; we will give the whole index and the introduction only if the PPP is authorized to insert online at least one of the articles concerning Polish philosophy. The same applies to journals.
  3. The Polish Philosophy Page does not post publicity or information not connected with the History of Polish Philosophy. So, for instance, PPP does give news on a philosophical book written by a Polish scholar, but not connected with its main topic (i.e., a book devoted to contemporary hermeneutics or to the philosophy of Aristotle).
  4. The Polish Philosophy Page welcomes papers, information and preprints concerning relevant topics. The copyright of published papers belongs to the authors, which can ask the editor to eliminate their papers from PPP pages when they want.


Cooperation with the PPP

You can cooperate in building and improving this site in several ways:
- by sending corrections to the contents of the pages;
- by sending your papers, still in progress and/or not yet published on the topics contained in the PPP; in this way you have the opportunity to let the community of scholars know about your research, and to receive useful feedback;
- by sending information about forthcoming meetings, congresses and seminars;
- by proposing the inclusion of new philosophers in this site, possibly writing the relative text;
- in general, by sending any information and news that is useful to complete and improve the Polish Philosophical Pages.

For any information you can contact me at the following e-mail address:


Texts must be sent in English, as attached files in the Microsoft WORD 6, RTF or TEXT format.

The general criteria which must be followed in the text may be recognized from the published pages.

Contributors will be listed on a separate page, with their address and possibly a biography, a scientific curriculum and some information on their main works.

I'm waiting for your cooperation!

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