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The rationalist

"[...] the voice of rationalist is a sound social reaction, it is an act of self-defence by society against the dangers of being dominated by uncontrollable forces among which may be both a saint proclaiming a revelation as well as a madman affirming the products of his sick imagination and finally a fraud who wants to convert others to his views for the sake of his egoistic and unworthy purposes. It is better to rely on the safe but modest nourishment of reason than, in fear of missing the voice of 'Truth', to let oneself be fed with all sorts of incontrollable nourishment which may more often be poisonous than healthy and beneficial"
(Problems and Theoris of Philosophy, Transl. by H. Skolimowsi and A. Quinton, Cambridge Univ. Press, London 1973, p. 49).


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