Seminars, conferences and meetings

Philosophie et Logique en Pologne (1918-1939)
Contribution à l'histoire de la philosophie du XXe siècle
Nancy, 20-22 XI 2003
Org. Roger Pouivet, Manuel Rebuschi, Joseph Vidal-Rosset, Léna Soler

50 years of STUDIA LOGICA
Conferences I (Poland) and II (Denmark)
Jablonna, 4-6 X 2003 & Roskilde, 20-22 XI 2003
Org. Wojciech Buszkowski, Vincent F. Hendricks, Jacek Malinowski, Ewa Orlowska, Stig Andur Pedersen, Ryszard Wojcicki, Jan Zygmunt

VIII Konferencja Zastosowania Logiki w Filozofii i Podstawach Matematyki
[Polish; the section on Lesniewski's systems comprises papers by international speakers, from the Neuchatel CDrS group ]
Karpacz, 6-10 V 2003
Org. Piotr Wojtylak, Jan Zygmunt, Janusz Czelakowski

Meaning and value-modality.
The 70th of Das literarische Kunstwerk of Roman Ingarden
Torun, 17-18 IV 1999
Org. prof. J. Perzanowski

Tadeusz Czezowski (1889-1981).
The Legacy: Logics, Philosophy and Ethics
Torun, 27-28 IV 1999
Org. prof. W. Tyburski and prof. R. Wisniewski

11th International Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science
Kraków, 20-26 VIII 1999
Org. prof. Jan Wolenski

(Institute of Philosophy, Jagellonic University, Cracow)

The Dynamics of Life and the Shapes of Life:
Vital, Existential, Creative
Org. by World Phenomenology Institute (prof. A.T. Tymieniecka) and Institute of Philosophy of Jagellonic University, Cracow (prof. J. Lipiec)
Informations: dr. Piotr Mroz

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